Because it would cause unacceptable beam losses for low momentum heavy ion beams, a vacuum window can not be used to separate the Booster 10-11 Torr ultra high vacuum (UHV) system from the beam line vacuum system. A transition vacuum from the Booster ring vacuum to the line vacuum will be provided. Pressures of 10-10 Torr and 10-9 Torr will be required in the first  two vacuum sections of the line respectively. To accompolish this, all parts in the vacuum system will be cleaned and assembled to UHV standards. The first section of the line will be bakeable to 150oC. The rest of the line will be a clean all-metal gasket, unbaked vacuum system with ion pumps similar to the RHIC transfer line vacuum system. ConflatR flanges will be utilized throughout the beam line. Non-evaporative getters (NEG) which provide high pumping speeds will be used with ion pumps in the first two sections. Ion pumps only will be used for the balance of the line. Cold cathode gauges and Perani gauges will be used for the entire line. Because of the bakeout/UHV requirements, all metal valves with metal sealing gates will be used for the first two sectors. For the rest of the system, the valves will have VitonR sealing gates which are significantly less expensive. A fast closing valve will be installed to protect the Booster ring from a catastrophic vacuum failure in the line. The vacuum system includes the costs for the vacuum chambers which are installed in the beam transport system magnets, the cost of the vacuum window at the downstream end, and a ceramic break at the upstream end. It does not cover the cost associated with special chambers for beam instrumentation equipment or the collimators. Also included are the costs for the bakeout blankets required for the upstream end of the line, wiring in the bakeout blankets, the costs for additional heater relay boxes, computer modules, updating the bakeout computer control software, testing the system, and doing the final bakeout. A listing of the vacuum equipment required is given here and individual locations are shown here (182 kB).