I. Standard BAF trim magnets.

    Four pairs of trim magnets will be installed in the BAF tunnel, for locations click here. The vertical gap of the trims is 9.055" (230 mm)  to accomodate a 0.5" thick heating blanket around the 8" O.D. beampipe upstream of the 20o bend.

II. Special trim magnets in Booster tunnel.

The long distance between the extraction point and the first beamline quadrupole Q1, ca. 18m, requires a very fine control of the transverse beam angles. A pair of trim magnets just behind the D6 septum magnet have been added to provide this control. A kick of less than 0.5 mrad is required since the parameters of the beam coming out of the Booster are well defined and the current on the D6 septum can be adjusted  with high precision. This kick can be achieved with magnets powered by air cooled coils.