NASA Space Radiation Laboratory
at Brookhaven National Laboratory

What is NSRL ?
C-AD Phone List (pdf)
NSRL Phone List (doc)
Annual Calendar of Events
C-A Operations FY03-04
Safety Assessment Document
C-AD Drawing Board
Shipping Memo
Booster Technical Notes (pdf)
NSRL User's Manual (pdf)

Status Reports (pdf)
  Ja Fe Ma Ap Ma Ju Ju Au Se Oc No De
2003 Y   Y                  
2002 Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y  
2001 Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y  
2000 Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y   Y  
1999                       Y

Design Specifications
Introduction & Overview
Conventional Construction
Conceptual Design Report (pdf)
Floor Plans

Slow Extraction System
General description
Thin Septum Magnet at D3
Test Data from D3 (pdf)
Thick Septum Magnet at D6

Beam Transport
Power Supplies

Dipole Magnets
Quadrupole Magnets
Octupole Magnets
Trim Magnets
Vacuum System
Transport Instrumentation Layout

Target Table
Instrument Table (pdf)


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(Please note: NASA Space Radiation Laboratory was previously called Booster Applications Facility.)